— Development History —
New four-piece series
MMX 4P-Series: Aerodynamic disc, ring-shaped "rectifier cover"
MMX was awarded the "2023 Best Innovative Wheel Brand Award" by SEMA in recognition of MMX's innovative design of wheel products, and is the only wheel brand in the field to receive this award
Won the "national high-tech enterprise"
Passed ISO9001, ISO1400, ISO45001, and IATF16949 systems
MF43 "star" came
Technologically enhanced racing with a McLaren 720S
M Off-road release
The M series is a high-end wheel hub brand designed by MMX for off-road use This is another innovation and breakthrough for the MMX brand
Release 16 new products
A new height of originality and a new aesthetic of blending lines
FFM brand launch
MMX's high-end condensed spinning brand, with lightweight as its core
MMS Hongtian Enterprise Internal High Intensity Te
Based on the standards of SAE in the United States, PCT in Russia, and JWL in Japan, more stringent 30 °, 90 °, and deformation radial test items have been added that are not set in SAE and JWL, improving the more stringent tests than the bending fatigue, radial fatigue, and 13 ° impact tests already available in SAE and JWL
MMX brand established
Positioning: Brand of ultra-high performance sports wheels
Birth of MMX brand
Intention: Promote car modification culture and lead the trend of car modification!
Established by Guangdong Hongtian Automotive Techn
Abbreviation: Hongtian Technology, English name: HTian, headquartered in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
Brand origin

MMX brand is a high-performance hub brand of Guangdong Hongtian Automobile Technology Co., LTD. The brand logo is extended by the letter "M" to the graph of "track", the track implies harsh quality, seiko quality, and the "M" track graph is arranged in front of the MMX brand letter, and the MMX brand letter is skillfully combined. Meaning Seiko quality first and excellence of the brand spirit. MMX is the abbreviation of MOD MAX, where MOD is the abbreviation of Modification, with the meaning of improvement, improvement, Modification, optimization and reduction, the full name of Modification MAX, just like the meaning of the brand name, Founder Mr. Ye Kangqiang established the MMX brand as a brand positioning for vehicle modification and upgrading, and gave MMX the lean spirit of product optimization and optimization and safety first brand concept.

——  Speed comes from safety ——
Brand spirit

Challenging conventions and breaking boundaries is the principle of MMX technology innovation, adhering to the belief of only doing original wheel hub design, adhering to a complete and powerful process system, reflecting the persistent lean spirit of MMX brand. Since the establishment of the brand, every progress is undoubtedly the requirements of seiko quality and perseverance in the lean spirit to push forward. There is a trend called MMX style - simple and stylish, atmospheric and see details. Style is the magic weapon for MMX to create new trends, just as Mr. Ye Kangqiang, the founder of the brand, said: "I hope that every user can feel the crafty temperament condensed in MMX works, and hope that every person who loves MMX has his own unique style, with a frank, firm and confident."
Brand concept
A commitment to safe hub upgrades is MMX's brand philosophy. As MMX brand to create a higher Standard of quality system MMS (MMX Standard), fully reflects its quality first, safety first brand concept.
Brand vision
The future of MMX will be a lean wheel brand that integrates high technology, innovation, service and globalization.
Design philosophy

High strength is not material accumulation, material mechanical properties,

mechanical structure and design beauty to achieve a better "balance", is the soul of MMX wheel Works are the language of designers and the stories that creators tell to the world. Through our works,

we express our understanding and pursuit of art to the world, and our persistence and insistence on the works The world view and values in our eyes, so we see the work as ourselves. We always adhere to the original design, adhere to the pursuit of art creation We have persistent faith, tireless pursuit. All night long, sleepless, racking our brains, repeatedly weighing, in order to improve, we do not hesitate to waste thousands of drafts into a work,

the work is their own, the creator is telling the world their own story

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